SolarMax 13 SMT με οθόνη LCD τριφασικού ηλιακού μετατροπέα 13SMT

SolarMax13SMTwith LCD display three-phase solar inverter 13SMT

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SolarMax13SMTwith LCD display three-phase solar inverter


»Rated capacity; 6 - 15 kW (three-phase)

»Free monitoring options; MaxLink App and Online Portal MaxMonitoring

»Highest efficiencies in the greatest flexibility in the interpretation; String inverter with up to 98% max. Efficiency, large input voltage range

»Two independent MPP trackers for optimal energy yield

»LCD display

»Easiest data communication
LED status light on the device, integrated WLAN, integrated RS485 interface

»easiest mounting&Installation
Quickly to-bringing mounting rail, easy start-up via the MaxLink app

»Free support
Training, support in projects, interpretations

»5 years standard guarantee
Optionally expandable to 10 years

data sheet
Data sheet...

Manufacturer Government Conditions_solarmax.pdf

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