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ABB  Data 

This SunSpec compatible data logger records the data and events of inverters, energy meters, weather stations and other devices from photovoltaic systems. As an Internet gateway, he sends the data safely and reliably to the Aurora Vision® Platform Platform, where they are available for evaluation and analysis.

Three performance levels

The data logger VSN700 is available in three performance levels to meet your budget and functional needs:

The data logger VSN700-01 is suitable for smaller roof systems with up to five (5) one-phase string interrichers.

The data logger VSN700-03 is a cost-optimized logger for smaller commercial installations. Up to ten (10) single-phase and three-phase string inverters and a weather station (VSN800) can be monitored.

The data logger VSN700-05 enables both the evaluation of the system data as well as the setting of inverter parameters and is therefore ideal for commercial systems and large photovoltaic parks. Implementation in existing SCADA systems is also possible.

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