ABB UNO-DM-3.0-TL-PLUS-SB-Q Solar inverter UNO-DM-3.0-TL-PLUS-SB-Q

ABB UNO-DM-3.0-TL-PLUS-SB-Q Solar inverter UNO-DM-3.0-TL-PLUS-SB-Q

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ABB UNO-DM-3.0-TL-PLUS-SB-Q Solar inverter UNO-DM-3.0-TL-PLUS-SB-Q

The single-phase inverter UN-DM-TL-PL-Q with nominal outputs from 1.2 to 3.0 kW is the optimal solution for installations in residential buildings.

All performance classes have the same total volume, enable higher performance in the smallest space and are with individual maximum Power Point trackers available.

Easy installation, fast commissioning
The plug-and-play connections on both the DC and AC page as well as wireless communication enable easy, fast and secure installation without the front cover of the inverter must be opened.
Easy commissioning makes a long configuration process unnecessary, which reduces installation time and costs.

Intelligent skills
Thanks to the integrated logging functions and the direct transfer of the data to the Internet (via Ethernet or WLAN), customers can enjoy the entire remote monitoring function of Aurora Vision®.

ABB ABILITY ™ ENERGY Viewer for solar systems
This tool allows for private customers to monitor their own solar system from afar, and provides all the information required to increase self-consumption and independence of energy supply.


  • Wireless communication with integrated web server
  • Easy commissioning
  • Future-proof with integrated connectivity for smart building and smart grid integration
  • Dynamic feed control (eg "zero feed")
  • Remote firmware upgrade for inverters and components

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