AEG Industrial Solar AS-M605 300WP solar module

AEG Industrial Solar AS-M605 300WP solar module

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Designation: AEG Industrial Solar AS-M605 300WP solar module

Note: Black frame / black frame
Cell Type: Mono
Rated power: 300 watts
Product Warranty: 12 years
Length: 1.640 mm
Width: 992 mm
Frame: 40 mm
Frame color:

Experience and tradition coupled with innovation and technology leadership award is a worldwide highly respected German traditional brand with a broad portfolio and electrical products and solutions. During the over 130-year-old company history, the brand has AEG always compromiseless quality, innovation and efficiency embodied.very early AEG also actuated in the field of renewable energies. With the newly created AEG Industrial Solar is done this tradition follow. The new AEG Photovoltaic modules are suitable for a wide range of applications. Photovoltaic products of AEG For reliable performance over the entire product life cycle and guarantee high yields for photovoltaic projects of each scale.

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