Fronius Smart meter 50ka-3 indirect

Fronius Smart meter 50ka-3 indirect

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Fronius Smart meter 50ka-3 indirect

Of the Fronius Smart meters is the ideal addition to implementing performance limitation, self -consumption recording or storage management. Fast communication and high measuring accuracy are guaranteed via the modbus RTU interface. In combination with the Fronius Solar.web can reproduce the smart meter a clear representation of your own power consumption. When used with a storage system, the Fronius Smart meters for a perfectly coordinated management of the energy flows ..


Attention: With this smart meter, the use of electricity measuring walls is necessary. The converter ratio must be set accordingly.

Attention: Use for the new Gen24 Systems the new Fronius Smart meter TS.


Product properties
  • Hot rail assembly
  • Interface WR: Modbus RTU (RS485)
  • LCD display
  • Width: 4 te

Data sheet:
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