Fronius Smart meter 63A 43.0001.1473

Fronius Smart meter 63A 43.0001.1473

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Fronius Smart meter 63A 43.0001.1473

The bidirectional counter to record electricity consumption in the household

Of the Fronius Smart meters is a bidirectional counter to optimize self -consumption and to record the load curve of the household. Thanks to high measurement accuracy and quick communication via the Modbus RTU SUNSPEC interface, faster and more precise dynamic feed -in regulations are made possible for feed -in boundaries than with S0. Together with Fronius Solar.web enables the Fronius Smart meter a clear representation of your own electricity consumption. With the storage solution around the Fronius Symo Hybrid ensures that Fronius Smart meters for a perfectly coordinated management of the various energy flows, which optimizes the entire energy management. Of the Fronius Smart meter is perfect for use with the inverters Fronius Symo, Fronius Symo Hybrid, Fronius Galvo or the Fronius Data manager 2.0.

nominal voltage 400 - 415 V
Maximum current 3 x 63 a
Line cross -section Performance path 1 - 16 mm²
Change cross -section communication 0.05 - 4 mm²
Assembly Hurricane
Housing 4 modules DIN 43880
Accuracy class 1
Interface to the inverter Modbus RTU (RS485)
Display 8-digit LCD

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