Fronius Symo GEN24 4.0 Plus Hybrid inverter SYMO-GEN24-4.0

Fronius Symo GEN24 4.0 Plus Hybrid inverter SYMO-GEN24-4.0

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Fronius Symo GEN24 4.0 Plus Hybrid inverter SYMO-GEN24-4.0

The versatile hybrid inverter with demand-oriented emergency stream

With the demand-oriented emergency electricity variants with or without battery, theFronius Symo GEN24 Plus the highest degree of security security in the home area.

He has an innovation with the PV Point, which makes a basic emergency power supply available for customers for the first time, which do not want to buy battery for the time being. For storage customers, the device offers proven full backup, where the entire household is supplied with emergency stream.

the Fronius GEN24 Plus Devices thus represent the ideal solution for a variety of customer needs: whether a battery should already be part of the system, one Fronius Ohmpilot should use the PV power for hot water treatment or the PV system in one Home-Automation solution should be included: Fronius GEN24 Plus is always the right decision - for new systems or upgrades and extensions of existing solar systems.

In addition, the new devices provide the simplest installation, commissioning and service and are applicable in all facilities: proven Fronius Technologies like the Superflex design can also be found in Primo and Symo GEN24 Plus again, which now offer the ideal storage solutions for single-phase and large three-phase systems.


Dimension / length 530 mm
Dimension / width 474 mm
Dimension / height 165 mm
Weight 15.61 kg
Class IP66
Protection class 1
Overvoltage category (DC / AC) 1) 2/3
Night consumption <10 W w = ""
Inverter concept trafolos
cooling Regulated air cooling
Assembly Indoor and outdoor assembly
Ambient temperature range -25 - + 60 ° C
Permissible humidity 0 - 100%
Max. Height above sea level 2) 3000m / 4000m
Connection technology DC PV 3x DC + and 3x DC-Push-in spring tension terminals 2.5 - 10 mm²
Connection technology DC battery 1x Batt + and 1x Batt - Push-in spring tension terminals 2.5 - 10 mm²
Connection technology AC 5 pole AC push-in spring tension terminals 1.5 - 10 mm²
3 pin emergency power push-in spring tension terminals 1.5mm² - 10mm²
5x PE screw terminals 2.5 - 16 mm²
Certificates and Nursing Filling IEC 62109, IEC 62116, IEC 61727, IEC 62909, VDE 0126, VDE AR-N4105, AS / NZS 4777.2, EN 50549, CEI 0-21, G 98, R25
Emergency power functions PV Point
Compatible batteries BYD Battery Box Premium HVS / HVM 4)
Fault emission class B

Input data
Number of Mpp Tracker 2
Max. PV input power 4180 W
Max. Input current (IDC max) 12.5 A / 12.5 A
Max. Short circuit module field 18.75 A / 18.75 A
DC input voltage range (UDC min - UDC max) 80-1000 V
Infeed start voltage (UDC start) 80V
Nominal input voltage (UDC, R) 610 V
MPP voltage range (UMPP min - OVPP max) 170 - 800V
Usable MPP voltage range 80-800 V
Number of DC connections 2+1
Max. PV generator power (PDC Max) 6 kwpeak

Output data
AC nominal power (PAC, R) 4000 W
Max. Output power (PAC Max) 4000 VA
Max. Net coverage 10 VA
Max. AC output current 8 a
Mains connection (UAC, R) 3 ~ NPE 230V / 400V, 3 ~ NPE 220V / 380V
AC voltage range (Umin - Umax) 154-280 V
Frequency (FR) 50/60 Hz
Frequency range (Fmin - Fmax) 45-66 Hz
Clank factor <3,5% >
Power factor (Cos φac, R) 0.7-1 IND, / CAP,
Emergency stream 1 ~ NPE 220 V / 230 V

Max. Efficiency (PV - power grid) 98,20%
European efficiency (ƞeu) 97,20%
ƞ at 5% PAC, R 3) 89,60%
ƞ at 10% PAC, R 3) 94,00%
ƞ at 20% PAC, R 3) 96,50%
ƞ at 25% PAC, R 3) 97,00%
ƞ at 30% PAC, R 3) 97,30%
ƞ at 50% PAC, R 3) 97,90%
ƞ at 75% PAC, R 3) 98,10%
ƞ at 100% PAC, R 3) 98,20%
MPP adaptation efficiency 99,90%

DC isolation measurement Yes
Overload Operating point shift, performance limitation
DC disconnector Yes
DC reverse polarity protection Yes

WLAN / 2x Ethernet LAN Fronius Solar.web, Modbus TCP SunSpec, Fronius Solar API (JSON)
6 digital inputs / outputs + 6 digital inputs Connection to round control recipients, energy management
Usb 2.0 (Type A socket) 1 A supply
Emergency Execution (WSD) Yes
Datalogger and web server Integrated
2x RS485 Modbus RTU SUNSPEC (third-party provider) / Fronius Smart meter, battery, Fronius Ohmpilot

Output data PV Point
Nom. Output power 3000 VA
Nom. AC output current (IAC Max) 13 A
Mains connection 1 ~ NPE 220 V / 230 V
frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Switching time emergency power function 90 s

Battery connection
Number of DC inputs 1
Max. Input current (IDC max) 12.5 A
Max. Input / output power (depending on connected battery) 4180 W
Footnotes to the technical data
1) according to IEC 62109-1.
2) Unlimited / restricted voltage range.
3) measured at UDC, R.
4) Follow other memory.

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The activation of the new warranty services is carried out by a short registration

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