Kaco Blueplanet 7.5 TL3 Solar inverter 7.5TL3

Kaco Blueplanet 7.5 TL3 Solar inverter 7.5TL3

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Kaco Blueplanet 7.5 TL3 Solar inverter 7.5TL3

It does not always have to be south: the inverter BluePlanet 3.0 TL3 to 10.0 TL3 Offer all the possibilities to put in fact also multi-faceted solar power plants - for example, on East-West roofs or taking advantage of a stomach. So you get most of your solar investment

Well planned, quickly installed

You choose from a large bandwidth on inverters. All devices have 2 MPP trackers, each of which can handle the entire AC performance for almost all inverters.

DC and AC connections are effortlessly wired via connectors; Previously, they had comfortably mounted the lightweights on the wall. Commissioning facilitates the proven graphic display with a clear menu.

In any case, communication with the inverters succeeds: For this they are standard with the interfaces USB, RS485 and Ethernet. Also integrated is the datalogger with web server for meaningful monitoring.

Own consumption of solar power

For solar self-consumption, the inverters - also ex works - with the priwatt control: If you are looking for a simple way to consume your solar power specifically yourself, has reached its destination here.

Youradvantagesat a glance

  • Fast amortization of small solar power layers
  • High flexibility for unconventional interpretations
  • Extensive standard equipment
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Data logger with web server for permanent system monitoring
  • Optimized for the targeted self-consumption of solar power

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