Kaco Powadorprotect POWADOR-PROTECT

Kaco Powadorprotect POWADOR-PROTECT

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Kaco Powadorprotect POWADOR-PROTECT

Measure. Taxes. Protect.
the Powador-Protect is a measuring and control unit for photovoltaic systems. It meets network and plant protection (NA protection) in accordance with Low Voltage Directive VDE-AR-N 4105 as well as the power control pursuant to § 6 of the EEG 2012.

Network and plant protection
In the sense of the Low Voltage Directive measures the Powador-Protect the network parameters running. If a limit value violation is recognized, the Powador-Protect the external coupling switch and separates the system from the network. This functionality is given with inverters of any manufacturer.

For smaller systems up to 30 kVA is the Powador-Protect interesting because it replaces the independent switching position with separation function according to V VDE 0126-1-1. Because the VDE-AR-N 4105 allows the option to consider the voltage drop between inverter and counter, as described in the V VDE V 0126-1-1. At large distances between counter and inverter, it can come in networks with high voltages to switch off due to the voltage drop between inverter and counter. the Powador-Protect measures the voltage directly on the counter space and the internal protection setting on the inverter may be set higher.

the Powador-Protect works as required in the policy, false-proof and can be attached in the immediate vicinity of the feed meter.

Performance control
In the sense of § 6 of the EEG 2012, the Powador-Protect the power control. The EEG requires the controlled, remote controlled decrease of PV systems. Especially for this purpose, a separate device has previously been necessary, which passes the corresponding signals of a round control receiver as a control command to the inverter. the Powador-Protect makes such a purchase superfluous.

For systems up to 30 kW, the EEG is the ability to limit the inverters to 70% of the installed DC power as an alternative to the performance offset - an alternative by which plant operators can lose up to 15% yield (for optimally designed systems). Again, the use of the Powador-Protect is worth using the remote-controlled power reduction instead.

A Powador-Protect is able to sign the signals of the round control receiver for up to 31 PowadorTo manage inverters.

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