Kostal Piko 17.0 New Generation Solar inverter PIKO17.0 NEW GENERATION

Kostal Piko 17.0 New Generation Solar inverter PIKO17.0 NEW GENERATION

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Kostal Piko 17.0 New Generation Solar Inverter PIKO17.0Nee Generation

PIKOInverter - the new generation

With the new generation of PIKOInverter, it has been able to connect the business philosophy "intelligent." to make visible at the product level. The new devices reflect the philosophy in more optical, as in technical terms. In them, the proven Kostal concept continues: a flexible, communicative and handy string inverter, which offers a solution for almost every PV system in its diverse equipment. This too, as the new generation of PIKOInverter power classes of 3 to 20 kW covers.


Kostal PIKO 17.0 Solar inverter

Kostal Item number: 10101178



Input side (DC)  
Max. PV power (COS.  Φ = 1) 19.2 kWp
Design input voltage  680 V
Max. Input voltage 1000 V
Min. Input voltage 160 V
Start input voltage 180 V
Max. MPP voltage 800 V
Min. MPP voltage for DC nominal power in one-tracker operation   V
Min. MPP voltage for DC nominal power in two-tracker operation 440 V
Min. MPP voltage for DC nominal power in three-tracker operation Sym: 290/290/290 V Unsym: 375/375/250 V
Max. Input current Sym: 20/20/20 A Unsym: 20/20/10 A
Max. Input current in parallel connection 40/20 A
Number of DC inputs 3
Number of independ MPP Tracker 3
Output side (AC)  
Rated power, cos φ  = 1 17 kW
Max. Start out 17 kVA
Max. Output voltage 264.5 V
Min. Output voltage 184 V
Rated output current 24.6 A
Max. Output current 27.4 A
Short-circuit current 41,3 / 29 A
Mains connection 3N ~, AC, 400 V
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Max. Mains frequency 51.5 Hz
Min. Mains frequency 47.5 Hz
Setting range of the power factor 0,8… 1 … 0,8
Power factor in terms of measurement 1
Max. Curescence factor 3%
Device properties  
Own use standby 2.15 W
Max. Efficiency 98,00%
European efficiency 97,30%
MPP adjustment efficiency 99,90%
System data  
Topology: Without Galvanic Separation - Trafolos
Degree of protection according to IEC 60529 Housing / fan IP 65 / IP 55
Protection class according to IEC 62103 I
Overvoltage category according to ICE 60664-1 Input side (PV generator) Ii
Overvoltage category according to ICE 60664-1 Output side (network connection) Iii
Pollution degree 4
Environmental category (Outdoor installation)
Environmental category (installation in interior)
UV resistance
Minimum cable cross section AC connection cable 6 mm2
Minimum cable cross section DC connection cable 4 mm2
Max. Securing output side B32, C32
Personal Protection (EN 62109-2) RCMU / RCCB type B
Electronic free switching point integrated
height 540 mm 
broad 700 mm 
depth 265 mm 
Weight 48.5 kg 
Cooling Principle - Convection  
Cooling principle - Regulated fan
Max. Air flow rate 2x48 m3/H
Max. Noise emission 56 DBA
Ambient temperature - 20 ... 60 ° C 
Max. Exhaust height Ü. Nn 2000 (6562 FT)
Relative humidity 4 … 100
Connection technology Input side - MC 4 Sunclix
Connection technology Output side - spring cable clamping strip
Ethernet RJ45 2
RS485 1
S0 1
Analog inputs 4
PIKO BA Sensor Interface 1

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