Kostal Piko MP Plus 3.0-1 Hybrid inverter PIKO-MP-PLUS3.0-1

Kostal Piko MP Plus 3.0-1 Hybrid inverter PIKO-MP-PLUS3.0-1

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Kostal Piko MP Plus 3.0-1 Hybrid inverterPIKO-MP-PLUS3.0-1

PIKO MP Plus - the flexible 1-phase inverter

Who says that small photovoltaic systems are not worthwhile, the teaching of the PIKO MP Plus a better. Because the PV inverter from Kostal is already useful with its performance classes of 1.5 - 4.6 kW from three modules and thus ideal for small facilities on a home. the PIKO MP Plus supplies extremely stable yields and its future input voltage range allows numerous interconnection capabilities for the PV modules.
On the basis of his good equipment, it can be connected to both a PV inverter into a new system or, purely AC-sided *, are installed as memory in an existing system. The extension with the Kostal Smart Energy Meter allows usage as energy storage * without additional inverter.


Flexible in use

  • One or two MPP trackers
  • Extended MPP area - Perfect for repowering

Smart Connected

  • Display, data logger, system monitoring, network and control interfaces integrated as standard
  • Free monitoring of PV system via Kostal Solar Portal, Kostal Solar App and internal web server

Smart Perfomance

  • Integration of energy meters possible
  • High efficiency
  • Dynamic active power control and 24-hour measurement
  • Zero feed possible


  • 1-phase feed
  • Comfortable connection without opening the device
  • Integrated DC range
  • Easy menu-driven operation and installation
  • Optimum protection against dust and water for outdoor use (protection class IP 65)

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