SMA Data Manager M EDMM-10
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SMA Data Manager M EDMM-10

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SMA Data Manager M EDMM-10

Get the Most Out of Energy

In combination with the new Sunny Portal optimizes the Data Manager M Communication, monitoring and control of solar systems with up to 25 SMA Devices. Based on the new IoT platform for energy management Ennexos of SMA Solves the Data Manager M SMA Cluster Controller S not only, but is already prepared for the new business models on the future energy market because of the extension today. It is suitable for u.a. Perfect as a professional system interface for energy suppliers, direct marketers, service technicians and plant operators.

Particularly impresses the innovative and efficient user interface - uniform for the Data Manager M and the new one Sunny Portal Powered by Ennexos. Intuitive assistance functions for the Data Manager M, the inverters and Sunny Portal Powered by Ennexos significantly reduce time for commissioning and parameterization.

The basic circumference of functions and interfaces of the new Data Manager M is on the associated functions in Sunny Portal Powered by Ennexos matches and adapts step by step to future requirements. Due to the modular design and the consistent support of industrial standards, e.g. Modbus / TCP, the systems can be more components, e.g. I / O systems or energy meters - from SMA or from other providers - be expanded.

All benefits at a glance

Easy and fast
  • Fast and intuitive commissioning of all local components and the Sunny portal
  • Easy integration of I / O systems and energy meters

Reliable and comfortable
  • National and international network integration requirements are met
  • Detailed analysis, alerting and reports
  • Comfortable and secure remote monitoring and parameterization of all connected components

Future-proof and flexible
  • Flexibly expandable according to new requirements and changing customer needs
  • Access to the fast-changing energy market of the future based on Ennexos
  • Sunny Portal Powered by Ennexos with even more features for the new energy world

Monitoring & Control Powered by Ennexos

Data Manager M and the new one Sunny Portal Powered by Ennexos are perfectly matched. This facilitates and simplifies monitoring, analysis and parameterization as well as the management of solar systems and saves time and costs.
  • Uniform user interface
  • Seamless remote parameterization
  • Easy overview of the entire portfolio
  • Fast and direct online identification and fixing of errors
  • Easy structuring of solar systems according to individual needs

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