SMA Sunny Tripower 5.0 Smart Energy Hybrid inverter STP5.0-3SE-40

SMA Sunny Tripower 5.0 Smart Energy Hybrid inverter STP5.0-3SE-40

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SMA Sunny Tripower 5.0 Smart Energy Hybrid inverter STP5.0-3SE-40

The hybrid inverter Sunny Tripower Smart Energy is the 2-in-1 solution for solar power supply in your own home. Combined SMA Intelligent technologies and integrated services into a space -saving compact solution - more than 30 years of memory experience make it possible.
Users generate, use and save solar power with the Sunny Tripower Smart Energy as simple and efficient than ever. The system can be expanded at any time and also integrates electromobility or heat pumps.
The integrated replacement electricity function also ensures that the household supply is supplied with the network failure. Solar systems in your own home become holistic and intelligent energy systems with up to 100 percent solar self -supply.

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Intelligent functions & services

SMA Smart Connected
The free inverter monitoring SMA Smart Connected automatically monitors the inverter and initially initiates error correction if necessary.

SMA Shadefix
SMA Shadefix is ​​an integrated inverter software that optimizes the yield of photovoltaic systems in every situation. Also with shading.

Sunny Home Manager 2.0
Of the Sunny Home Manager 2.0 Manages the energy flows between the PV generator, the connected battery and the power supply to the household.

Dynamic acting limit limitation
Of the Sunny Home Manager 2.0 Knows the expected PV generation and knows exactly when solar power is available, which would have to be settled after the dynamic acting limit limit. He now actively plans consumers such as washing machine, dishwasher, heating rods, heat pumps or electric vehicles so that they optimally use the solar power.

Forecast -based charging and unloading of the battery
Of the Sunny Home Manager 2.0 controls the loading and unloading of the battery automatically, so that the PV system does not have to be adjusted if possible. To do this, he learns the consumption behavior of the connected household appliances and intelligently linked it to the PV generation forecast using location-related weather data. This recognizes the Sunny Home Manager 2.0 Possible discount losses before they occur. The battery is then controlled so that the maximum of PV energy can be used. All connected consumers are thus supplied with inexpensive and sustainable solar power.

The advantages at an overview

Easy installation & handling
  • Installation without opening the lid
  • Intuitive commissioning via smartphone with the 360 ​​° app
  • 2-in-1 solution: space and time-saving
  • Without fan: quiet and low -maintenance

Highest flexibility
  • 2 mpp trackers
  • 150 % oversized on the DC page
  • Versatile: for new systems and system expansion with memory
  • Compatible with DC-coupled high-voltage batteries of leading manufacturers
  • Use of the energy of PV clerk installed in parallel by combining the battery charge from the DC and AC page

High loading and discharge power of the battery
Of the Sunny Tripower Smart Energy gets the optimum out of any weather. It enables particularly fast charging and unloading of the battery. In this way, plant operators can use their self -generated solar power even in times with little sunlight.

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