SMA Sunny Tripower STP X 15 solar inverter STP15-50

SMA Sunny Tripower STP X 15 solar inverter STP15-50

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SMA Sunny Tripower X 15 solar inverter STP15-50

The new Sunny Tripower X 15 is the innovative system solution for commercial and larger private PV systems. The integrated system Manager Function with direct access to Sunny Portal Powered by Ennexos monitors up to five SMA Inverters and an energy meter. This enables the dynamic control of active and blind power via SMA Dynamic Power Control. Thanks to the wide input voltage area and the high input power capacity, it is compatible with powerful PV modules of the latest generation. The innovative housing design ensures efficient cooling of the electronic components and thus for a maximum lifespan of the Sunny Tripower X 15.

Commissioning can be easily and quickly carried out centrally for all devices in the system. In current operation, users benefit from integrated software solutions: SMA Shadefix also increases the PV income for partial shading, SMA Arcfix effectively recognizes light sheets and can reliably prevent fires.

The advantages of the SMA Sunny Tripower X generation:
Integrated system Manager:

The integrated system Manager WithSMA Dynamic Power Control enables monitoring and controlling for up to 5 inverters (max. 135 kva) and offers direct access to Sunny Portal (powered by Ennexos).

Security included:
The security features for all Sunny Tripower X are due to the arc protection function SMA Arcfix, a DC overvoltage protection and a simplified NA protection up to date with the latest fire protection technology.

Maximum yield:
Maximum income is guaranteed by the optimized increase in yield using the integrated software SMA Shadefix, which also carries out regular I-V generator diagnosis. By direct marketing with SMA Spot in connection with SMA Smart Connected, which provides information on the plant driver and the installer via error messages, is an optimal basis for high efficiency.

More flexibility:
3 mpp trackers steadily determine the maximum performance of your PV system and optimize it. The high input current is ideal for powerful PV modules. Use the SMA Sunny Tripower X generation for modular expandability of energy management functions in the future.

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