SMA Tigo TS4-R O DC optimizer TS4-R-O-40 S

SMA Tigo TS4-R O DC optimizer TS4-R-O-40 S

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SMA Tigo TS4-R O DC optimizer TS4-R-O-40 S

The module technology TS4-R Despite partial disadvantage on the module or different module orientation for maximum energy yields. With the innovative TS4-R Platform for the first time each single solar module can be flexibly equipped with an additional function. So only the modules affected by performance losses need with TS4-R equipped. Energy income can be used to increase targeted and reduce system costs. For shading, shutdown, different module or other challenges is TS4-R The ultimate solution.

Optimize systems
• Yield increase in partial shading and different module orientation
• Shutdown on module level
• Monitoring on module level

Highest flexibility
• Selective deployment: Use of DC optimeters as needed
• Compatible with all standard modules

Fast installation
• Lower installation effort due to fewer components
• Convenient installation on the ground reduces roofing

Maximally reliable
• Low operating and maintenance effort by fewer components
• High life through demand-optimized bypass operation
• SMA All-round service for the entire system

Constructive functionality with TS4-R the TS4-RPlatform offers integrated power electronics with different functionalities. With each unit, the functionality increases. With the function Monitoring, the entire PV system can be monitored on the module level. Faults on individual modules, such as dirt, are displayed and can be fixed quickly. The shutdown function "Allows you to switch off the PV system on the module level. The Optimization function can also increase the performance of the PV system even with partial shading or different module orientations.

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