SMA Overvoltage protection for Core1 AC-SPD-KIT2-T1T2

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SMA Overvoltage protection for Core1 AC-SPD-KIT2-T1T2   

Blowing no
Energetically coordinated protective effect to the terminal no
Highest continuous voltage AC - V
Max. Conductor cross-section flexible (fine-wire) - mm²
Mounting type -
Network shape DC no
Network Form TN-C no
Network form TT no
Test class Type 1 and 2
Protection level (DC + / DC - PE) - KV
Signaling on the device -
Size -
Remote signaling no
Highest continuous voltage DC - V
Max. Conductor cross-section rigid (single / multi-weld) - mm²
Rated voltage AC - V
Network Shape IT no
Network form TN-C-S no
Network shape Other no
Safety level - KV
Protective level L-N - KV
Specific energy (w / r) - KJ / Ohm
Flash kick current (10/350) - ka
Consequence current extinguishing ability - ka
Integrated backup no
Max. PV voltage - V
Rated voltage DC - V
Network form TN no
Network form TN-S no
Pole number -
Protection level (DC + - DC) - KV
Protection level N-PE - KV

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