SolarEdge Optimizer P650-4RM4MRL

SolarEdge Optimizer P650-4RM4MRL

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SolarEdge Optimizer P650-4RM4MRL
for 60 cells, 2 in series, 96V

Module performance optimizer for SE inverter
Frame-mountable performance optimizer for operation with SolarEdge Inverters (SE15K - SE33.3K) and 2 60cellular PV modules each

- Faster installation - Performance optimizers can be mounted in advance to save installation time
- up to 25% more energy yield
- Highest efficiency (99.5%)
- Reduces all types of energy loss due to Mismatch, from manufacturing tolerances to partial shadements
- Flexible system design for maximum surface use
- fast installation with only one screw
- Modern maintenance with monitoring on module level
- unique security for installers and fire department

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