SolarEdge Optimizer P730-4RM4MRM

SolarEdge Optimizer P730-4RM4MRM

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SolarEdge Optimizer P730-4RM4MRM
for 60/72 cells, 2 in series, 125V

the SolarEdgePerformance optimizer Can be flexibly connected to each module. Alternatively, it also replaces the classic junction box of a module. The power optimizer maximizes the energy yield of each individual module through continuous MPP tracking. The power optimizer also monitors the performance of the module and transmits the corresponding data in real time to the SolarEdge Monitoring portal. Each performance optimizer is equipped with the unique SAFEDC ™ feature that automatically shuts down the module tension (1 Volt per module). This happens as soon as the connection to the PV inverter or the mains supply is interrupted, the solar inverter is turned off or overheating in case of fire. So bends SolarEdge The risk of electric streams during installation, maintenance and in case of fire effectively. Another central advantage of the module level performance optimization is greater flexibility in plant planning. For the first time, modules of various sizes and power levels can be combined in a string as desired. In the combination of SolarEdge Performance optimizers and the SolarEdge Solar PV inverter is automatically ensured that a constant string voltage prevails. Thus, even strings can be laid flexible and the inverter is always achieved the maximum efficiency.

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