Ben-Q SunForte PM096B00 325 325Wp Solarmodul

Ben-Q SunForte PM096B00 325 325Wp Solarmodul

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Bezeichnung: Ben-Q SunForte PM096B00 325 325Wp Solarmodul

Anmerkung: Modullabeling AU Optronics (AUO)
Zelltyp: mono
Nennleistung: 325 Watt
Produktgarantie: 10 Jahre
Länge: 1.559 mm
Breite: 1.046 mm
Rahmen: 46 mm

BenQ Solar, a division of AU Optronics, is committed to bringing solar into your everyday life in a greener, more efficient, more reliable and easily accessible way. AU Optronics Corporation is a leading global manufacture of TFT-LCD, dedicated to greener products, manufacturing, and the way of living. BenQ Solar leverages the manufacturing strength of AU Optronics to produce top quality and innovative solar products to worldwide customers.As a total solutions provider, BenQ Solar specializes in providing high efficiency solar solutions that cater to residential, commercial and utility customers. With a complete Solar Value Chain, including polysilicon, ingot, wafer, cell, module and system production, BenQ Solar prides itself on offering premium quality and reliable performance within a competitive cost structure. BenQ Solar products meet and exceed internationally recognized standards, including JET, JPEC, IEC, UL, MCS and CEC.BenQ Solar is launched by AUO in 2012. AU Optronics manufactures and markets its PV products globally by using BenQ Solar as product brand name.

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